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  • Automatic concrete distribution

    Automatic concrete distribution

    1.Automatic Concrete Pipe Distribution Machine Fully automatic concrete distribution machine for roller suspension concrete pipe machine is necessary for concrete culvert pipe production. It can not only improve working efficiency , save la ...

  • RCC Hume Concrete Pipe Machine

    RCC Hume Concrete Pipe Machine

    RCC Hume Concrete Culvert PipeMachine haiyuconcrete culvert pipe casting machineproduces concrete pipes with hard concrete , with which wall of pipes will be more solid and dense. Concrete pipe cylinder can be born with higher loading stren ...

  • Suspension concrete pipe machin

    Suspension concrete pipe machin

    1.Overview of 300-600*2000 Suspension Roller Concrete Drain Pipe Machine Suspension roller type concrete pipe machine is applicable to production of reinforced concrete pipe of flush joint, tongue and groove joint , bell and spigot joint wi ...