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Automatic concrete distribution feeding machine

Automatic concrete distribution feeding machine


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1.Automatic Concrete Pipe Distribution Machine
Fully automatic concrete distribution machine for roller suspension concrete pipe machine is necessary for concrete culvert pipe production. It can not only improve working efficiency , save labor intensity but also implement continuous and even concrete distribution . Once concrete distribution is forbidden as excessive distribution will cause mold jumping and shake ,meanwhile no enough concrete distribution will also cause concrete not so compacted that quality is not good .
2.Specification of  automatic concrete pipe distribution machine
Type : Concrete Culvert Pipe Machine Productivity : 2~15pcs/Hour
Ratio of Concrete : C30/ water(0.38):cement(1.1)sand(1.11)ballast(2.72)
Power: 2.25kw
Dimension: 6500×650×950mm
Weight: 600KG
3.Working Principle Of Concrete Distribution Machine 
Automatic concrete feeding machine for roller hung pipe machine is a kind of special automatic concrete distribution machine consisting of walking device , conveyor , electric control system . Groove rail is used for walking device to prevent blocking of scattered stones , gearing adopts chain transmission to prevent belt wheels slipping ; belt of distribution machine should move steadily during advance and return movement within whole length of mold . Traveling speed should keep slow. To adjust feeding volume, an adjusting valve is installed to control concrete flow to keep continuous and even . 
4.Requirement About Concrete Raw Materials For Concrete Culvert Pipe Machine
4.1.1 Portland cement , ordinary Portland cement and Portland blast furnace slag cement is right to use . Cement performance should conform to GB175, GB748 and GB20472.  Portland-pozzolana cement is not suggested for centrifuge concrete pipe production .
4.1.2 Cement class for reinforced concrete culvert pipe for jacking construction should be no lower than 42.5.
4.2.1 Fine Aggregates
 Medium-coarse sand with fineness modulus of 3.3~2.3 should be used for fine aggregates. It’s performance should conform to GB/T 14684 . When make reinforced concrete drain pipes with sea sand , Chlorine salt content should be no more than 0.06% and should be processed with water desalination . In winter , in frozen areas there should be no ice when mixing fine aggregates .
4.2.2 Coarse Aggregate gravel or pebble should be used for coarse aggregates and their performance should conform to GB/T 14685. Max. Diameter of coarse aggregate should no more than half of wall thickness of concrete culvert and 1/3 of wall thickness of reinforced concrete pipes and no more than 3/4 of clear distance of hoop steel wire . When adopting process of roller suspension and extrusion , smaller diameter of ballast should be used . Coarse and fine aggregates getting into factory should be piled up on hard ground with no mixed weed and leaf. 
4..3 Water 
Mixing Water for concrete should conform to JGJ63. 

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