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Suspension concrete pipe machine

Suspension concrete pipe machine


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1.Overview of 300-600*2000  Suspension Roller Concrete Drain Pipe Machine

Suspension roller type concrete pipe machine is applicable to production of reinforced concrete pipe of flush joint, tongue and groove joint , bell and spigot joint with inner diameter of 300-600mm (Max. Diameter of pipe is 800mm) . The main roller of machine is seamless steel tube of 120mm and the motor is 22kw electromagnetism speed regulation motor (frequency variable motor is another choice ). With concrete feeding machine , the automatic concrete distribution will contribute to improve productivity of concrete pipe machine.


Category: Roller Suspension Concrete Pipe Machine

Productivity : 6~12 Pcs /hour

Concrete Ratio: C30/water(0.38): cement(1.1):sand (1.11): ballast(2.72)

Motor: 15KW electromagnetism speed regulation motor

Boundary Dimension: 3500*1500*1300mm

Overall Weight: 1500 kg 

3.Introduction of Concrete Pipe Machine

Turui concrete pipe machine is composed of machine framework , hung roller , transmission system, electric system . Machine framework includes front door framework, door arm, back door framework , stopping wheel, side framework . Hung roller include short roller (installed with driven sprocket, globe bearing of main roller), main roller ,short roller (installed with globe bearing), stop wheel and globe bearing pedestal . Power system includes main motor , gear motor, overrunning clutch, electromagnetic clutch , belt wheels , top door mechanism .

4.Structural Features

1) Side door framework is set up between front and back door framework of concrete drain pipe machine . Part embedded foundation is below machine framework . Shock absorbing sleeve is used on mobile door arms and its performance is very stable and good shock absorbing performance have the machine very stable and low noise during operation .

2) On overall design , the motor and main machine is separate which increase reliability of electric parts.

3)Main motor can regulate speed continuously forward and reverse with wide speed range.

4)Door arms are flexible .

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