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Centrifuge concrete pipe machine

Centrifuge concrete pipe machine


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Centrifuge Concrete Drainage Pipe Forming Machine


Centrifuge concrete drainage pipe forming machine is a kind of very popular concrete culvert pipe machine . It can produce reinforced concrete pipes with diameter from 200mm-2000mm and length from 2m to 8m . The centrifuge concrete pipe machine features for its reliable performance, good quality pipes and easy maintenance , a very ideal concrete pipe machine. 

Type: Centrifuge  / Productivity : 2~4 pcs/ hour

Concrete Ratio: C40  

Motor Power: 55kw Elec-Magnetic Speed Regulation Motor

Dimension: 3000*2800*700mm

Overall Weight :2100 KG


1.Overview of Centrifugal Type concrete pipe forming machine

(800-1200)*4000 Centrifuge type concrete pipe machine is the main equipment of precasting concrete pipes used for water supply , drainage and agricultural irrigation etc, it can continuous running and compose of motor/drive shaft /driven shaft/wheels/rack sitting .The motor adopt to ensure the speed get the design requirement of from slow to fast. The reinforcement concrete pipe produced by centrifugal type concrete pipe machine have a good looking and high strength.


2.Specification for centrifuge concrete pipe machine

Type: centrifugal type

Capacity : 2-3 pipes/ hour

Concrete ratio: C40

Power of motor : 75kw

Outside dimension :3500×3300×700mm

Weight :2600kg


3.Improvement of running wheels for concrete pipe machine

According to the outline of wheels , concrete pipe machine divide to three kinds: plain edge ,single edge , two edge,In order to fit the outline of wheels, the running wheels also can be divided to the same three kinds.. We made improvement for the running wheels to extension its working life ,maintain conveniently and increase profit.

3.1.Covering materials such as nylon on the edge of running wheel to improve wear resistance ,increase of service life and reduce noise.

3.2. The edge of wheel adopts fitted-together way, it can not only reduce casting cost and maintain convenient ,but also make the wheels hard.

3.3.Adding a roller to the running wheel to improve the speed of running ,reduce jump and prevent the steel mold gone.

3.4.Reducing the number of running wheels. According the standard of China, the distance of wheels is 2 m or multiple of 2 m , when produce long component (concrete pole/concrete pile),we have to use many wheels, but if we use two set of wheels to produce long component , then the supporting site will be reduced, then it can run smooth and steady.

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