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PSC & RCC Spun Pipe Machine/Hume Pipe Machine

PSC & RCC Spun Pipe Machine/Hume Pipe Machine


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1. Product Introduction of PSC & RCC Spun Pipe Machine/Hume Pipe Machine
RCC Hume Spun Pipe Machine/PSC Spun Pipe Machine are used to manufacture various specifications of circular RCC & PSC pipe and other centrifugal concrete products, adopting continuously variable electric machinery transmission, moving steadily, shifting speed with a wide range and manufacturing products with excellent quality. The units can be divided into two types: Frame-style structure and steel plate welding box-style structure.
RCC pipes made by cement concrete moulded around the frame made by steel bars can cater to the needs where pressures is upto 3.0Kg/cm2 .P.S.C pipes cater to pressure range higher than 3kg/cm2. The strength of a P.S.C pipe is achieved by helically binding high tensile steel wire under tension around a concrete core there by putting the core into compression.
2. Features of PSC & RCC Spun Pipe Machine/Hume Pipe Machine
With the treatment of quenching, the riding wheel has a better rigidity and wear-resistance. The base is the box-style structure, rigid and durable. Its upper and lower surfaces is processed with planing, thus ensuring the precision. Between bearing block and base the displacement is restrained with card slot adding screw bolt, thus improving the stability in operation. The card slot design also guarantees the interchangeability of the bearing block when replacement occurs. The machine's gravity center is low, the transmission efficiency high, bearing capacity big and the axial is easy to adjust and control as well as easy assembly and disassembly.
Centrifuge speed control cabinet is a perfect combination of international advanced variable frequency vector control technology and economical and reliable Y series three phase alternating current motor, marked by advanced technology, complete protection, easy operation and energy-saving low.
3. Technical Index of PSC & RCC Spun Pipe Machine/Hume Pipe Machine
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