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Steel Cage Welding Machine

Steel Cage Welding Machine


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Working Principle:
Turui Concrete Pipe Steel Cage Welding Machine consist of 4 parts of driven systems including Master plate of Rotation, Plate of push reinforcing steel , expansion diameter part, and welding machine. The 4 parts are driven by independent motor. Full variable frequency control ensures that the span of the latitude steel and the angle of the spigot won’t not change along with the welding speed. Adjustment the ratio of motor speed can change the span of latitude steel, and angel of spigot. This machine can weld different diameter cages via adjustment of location and position of the master plate and welder.
Product features:
1.With small tolerance and good forming quality, automatic steel bar Wind-up mechanism can adjust the space between steel bars in operation.
2.Automatic welding, accurate solder joint and labor intensity reduction. 
3.Frequency converter controlled high precision Cage-drawing system.
4.Automatic cage holding design can prevent the cage from bending accident, which is caused by its weight in the middle of welding.
5.Automatic loading mechanism can speed up the loading rate and increase productivity.
6.The mold consists of molding ring and conduit, which can adjust cage diameter and main steel bar quantity fast.
7.Forward and reverse roll type straightening mechanism with characteristics of long service life and good straightening effect.
8.Controlling system consists of Panasonic PLC, Panasonic touch screen,ABB frequency converter.
  This machine is a Special-purpose welding equipment for making steel wire cages for Reinforced concrete drainage pipes and concrete culvert pipes, it is capable to weld the Reinforcement cages with Socket&Spigot ends, and Flush or male& female ends. It is one of main concrete pipe machine to produce the Reinforced concrete pipes.
Announcements  :
 1. The steel cage welding machine should use cold-drawn and low-carbon steel with the non-oxidation, no rustiness and oil stains. Its diameter should not be over that stated parameter values, otherwise it will damage to the welders. When welding steel wire with 7-8mm diameter, you should lower down speed, in case generating too much heat to steel cage welding machine.
 2. Assure the Groove of conductive cooper bush on the Welders coincide with the diameter of Latitude steel, otherwise it will be difficult to put and push through the steel wire.
 3.check-up the cooling water system: turn on the water pump, look over if there is water in the water tube, and water flow rate is enough, or else clean the water cycle system.
 4. when you use the machine for the first time, please let it empty running, and you should make everything go on well, without loose and abnormal noise and liberation.
 5. Please not use the machine when it rains and with thunder, and please turn off the total electrical power.

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