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Concrete pipe mold

Concrete pipe mold


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 1. Introduction of Concrete Culvert Pipe Mold
Concrete pipe mold fall into two types according to the way of connection of the shaped drain pipes: rigid joint and flexible joint; pipe mold fall into three types according to the joint shape of shaped drain pipes: plain top, tongue and groove, bell and spigot; pipe mold fall into Ⅰ,Ⅱ,Ⅲ grades according the grade difference of external pressure load of shaped drain pipes.
Concrete Pipe Machine
2. Features of Concrete Pipe Mould
2.1 The adoption of integrated design is reinforced design of leakproof slurry, no rough edges on which the mouth of pipe joints, easy mold-opening.
2.2 The friction rings in the molds are all made of 45 cast steel.
2.3 The steel plate we use is produced by Laigang which is one of the four major steel mills, and its abrasion resistance will be guaranteed.
2.4 The carbon-dioxide arc welding is applied into the all welding. The plasma cutting machine is used for cutting. Welding seam is smooth and nice, and the cutting seam is very exquisite. All above ensure the mold tough and durable and extend the service life greatly.

3. Technical Indexs of Concrete Pipe Mould 

Concrete Pipe Machine


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