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Concrete crack and alkali content in the cement pipe machine

     Release time: 2016-06-01 10:45          

Cement pipe machine due to alkali-aggregate reaction in concrete must have sufficient alkali content, aggregate activity in sufficient quantities and adequate supplies of water, only under three conditions exist, but soda can promote shrinkage and cracking of cement, resulting in the deterioration of concrete structures.
Mixed materials, because of the nature and content of different concrete cement pipe machine workability and adaptability of admixture varies. So easy bleeding, loss of fluidity mixed material with good water retention, loss of fluidity and use smaller mixed materials, can make up for each other, to prevent bleeding, separation. Improving workability and compatibility with admixtures is suitable. Such as slag, steel slag, slag and fly ash and coal gangue used with. Good results can be achieved using limestone as admixture can trigger the early strength of cement. Made with fly ash and slag admixture can not only decrease the hydration heat of concrete. If Superfine powder, but also greatly improve the cement strength, reducing the clinker ratio.

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